Claims Notification

We are sorry to hear that you have suffered a loss and need to call upon your insurance policy on this occasion.

In order to try and make the process as streamlined as possible we have outlined the procedure and documentation required in order to assist in effectively dealing with your claim.

  1. A completed claim form - This needs to have as many of the questions answered with as much information on it as possible.
  2. Original purchase documents - The receipt is required in order to demonstrate proof of ownership. If it is not available a copy of the purchase transaction on a bank or credit card statement, instruction manuals, original boxing/packaging or warranty paperwork may be acceptable.
  3. Photographs - If you have any pictures of the item being used/worn/displayed these are of great assistance. If your claim is for damage then a photo of the damaged item or area demonstrate the extent of your claim.
  4. Reports - A professional inspection report confirming the status of the item. Is it repairable, cleanable or beyond repair?
  5. Replacement or Repair Estimates - Evidence showing the cost to either repair the item or a replacement costs for the same or nearest equivalent if your exact item is no longer available. This can take the form of an email, website link or shop estimate.

An insurance policy is one of indemnity , meaning to put you back in the position you were in prior to your loss (or as near as possible). This does not preclude you from upgrading items or having a cash settlement but these options generally have a negative effect on the overall settlement of your claim.

The above claim information will mean that a decision can be made promptly and either authority to proceed, or confirmation that an approved supplier/contractor will be instructed to progress matters further.

Once agreed claims are generally settled on a reimbursement or direct billing basis. This document is to try and give you a brief outline of what to expect but we appreciate that every claim circumstance is different. We endeavour to review each incident on an individual basis and try to bring matters to a fair and satisfactory conclusion for all parties.

Please download and complete the PDF below to notify us of a claim you wish to make.

Claim Form