Directors & Officers Trustee Insurance

Directors and officers liability insurance provides protection for all decision makers in a company against claims which allege a dereliction of duty in running and managing the business. With over 200 ways of breaching the laws and directives concerning directors and officers, this is a must-have protection for most companies.

What Are The Risks?

Claims can come from a variety of sources including employees, investigations by government or regulatory bodies, shareholders and financial institutions, and creditors. Claims against the corporate entity leave the directors of small to medium privately owned companies particularly vulnerable. These directors almost certainly have an equity interest and any loss can have a very real impact on the individual.

Essential Cover For Individuals And Companies

Some insurers offer cover for the company as well as the individual, with policies that also cover damages and legal defence costs. This cover need not be expensive - just ask us for a quote or send your business plan and financial projections/accounts to:

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