2015 Annual Compliance Review

21st January 2015

As part of our agent annual compliance review we are now required to check the insurance of our introducers.

Please forward a copy of your Professional Indemnity & Office Insurance policies to

If you already insure with us, we will organise this for you. As a 'thank you' for sending a copy of your policy schedules, we are offering a FREE Insurance Review to ensure that your insurance programme meets the current requirements of your business.

Why review your requirements?

Technology has changed the way we do business, and it continues to do so at a rapid rate. Technology is fantastic for business however your insurance requirements will change due to new emerging risks such as cyber liability which can be a threat to your business.

Common issues found when reviewing policy schedules for managing agents:

If you would like further information on Commercial Insurance, please call our team on 01223 792273 or email