Protecting your landlords, and tenants at Christmas

Christmas decoration

We are heading for the busy Christmas season, which brings with it potential risks, most of which can be insured against, however the disruption caused can ruin this wonderful time of the year. Many of the claims we see, can be avoided, and here are a few tips that may be useful for you to pass on to your landlords, tenants and members of staff.

Keeping your home safe and secure

  1. Remember to lock windows and doors when going out and when going to bed. Ideally get into the habit of locking up when you come in at night.
  2. If you have security devices such as alarms installed, always activate them when you go out.
  3. Consider installing movement sensor lighting that will activate if someone approaches your home - deters unwanted visitors, and welcomes those expected.
  4. Keep presents hidden from view. Presents under the tree can be tempting to thieves.
  5. Mark valuable items with your postcode. Registering with may help victims of theft to recover stolen items.
  6. Only use Christmas lights marked with a safety standard and always switch them off before you go out.
  7. Check your smoke alarms are working every month, and keep spare batteries to hand.

Going out

  1. If you go out in the evening, make it look like someone is at home. Leave lights on and close the curtains.
  2. Social media is great for sharing with friends BUT remember thieves may be able to see your posts. Advertising an empty home is unwise. Update your settings to restrict those who can view your details. Please remember a friend may innocently share your post, so it is best to share after the event and accept tags later.
  3. You may find yourself allowing someone else to drive your car home on their driving other cars (DOC) extension on their policy. This cover is for third party damage only. Whilst the car is not under your control, should the car be stolen or damaged it may not be covered.
  4. Remember that some motor insurers now exclude cover for drivers who are under the influence of alcohol. Never drink and drive; book a taxi or nominate a designated driver.

Christmas Shopping

Christmas mall
  1. Lock your shopping out of view in the boot until you return home to prevent theft and damage to your car window.
  2. If you park in a multi-storey car park, choose a well lit space as close to the exit as possible, and reverse into position.
  3. Prevent accidental loss or theft from pickpockets by keeping your wallet or purse secure and out of sight.
  4. Trust your instincts when buying online. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Only deal with reputable businesses. Check there is a physical address for the retailer.
  5. Paying by credit card offers greater protection than with other methods of payment (Further information). Never enter your pin number online.
  6. Be careful with your financial data - shredding anything you no longer need before disposing of it.

Preparing for Winter Weather

Finally, you may find this leaflet from NIG Insurance useful to share with your landlords - Winter Risks Bulletin.

Please remember to distribute our leaflets to your tenants and landlords to help build up your commission payments. Please ask landlords to call us on 01223 792291. Tenants can get a quote online at our Tenants website selecting as the agent from the drop down list.

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