Insurance for Students

NWBIB specialises in insurance solutions for schools, colleges and universities and has provided services within these sectors for 25 years. Our knowledge and experience gained over this period has led us to design and develop a number of insurance propositions for College Students.

Student holding mobile phone

Personal Possessions Insurance

We provide a comprehensive insurance policy via colleges and universities which is normally paid for within a student's weekly rental. This provides a very broad range of cover and protects your possessions against things such as fire, theft or damage and protects against liabilities for damage or injury caused - e.g. knocking someone over whilst cycling. This saves you the need to rely upon a parent's/guardian's insurance policy or having to individually purchase a more expensive, and generally less broad, insurance from elsewhere.

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Bicycle Accident, with knee injory

Personal Accident Protection

Our Personal Accident insurance is also arranged via schools, colleges and universities and has been developed by NWBIB to provide you with protection should you suffer a serious accident which could result in an injury causing considerable impact on your ability to financially support yourself in the future.

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