Personal Accident Protection for Students

Bicycle Accident, with knee injory

Our Personal Accident insurance is also arranged via schools, colleges and universities and has been developed by NWBIB to provide you with protection should you suffer a serious accident which could result in an injury causing considerable impact on your ability to financially support yourself in the future.

Why would a student need this type of insurance protection?

You may believe that this type of insurance is for when you are older and have greater responsibilities? Many of you, unknowingly, will have had this type of insurance provided for you by your parents when you were at school.

You are at one of the most exciting times of your lives with your future ambitions all ahead of you. The concept behind this insurance is not to provide financial security for dependents but to provide you with a level of compensation should the worst happen and your dreams and ambitions have to change.

A Personal Accident policy provides a lump sum payment should you suffer a serious injury with the level of benefit varying and dependent upon the degree of permanent disability sustained. For more information on Students Personal Accident Insurance click here.

The policy provides a maximum benefit payment of £600,000.

As this is a purely 'accidental' insurance contract, negligence does not have to be proven in order to make a claim and we are sure that no student really wants to litigate against their college or university should something happen. In most instances there will be no blame attached to your college or university and certainly not for an accident which happens during the evening and weekends.

In many cases, injuries sustained will be minor however, some accidents will have long term consequences or result in some form of permanent disability with a generous policy payment being made without being conditional on demonstrating that someone else is at fault.

There are no excluded leisure activities which would prevent a payment being made plus cover applies 24 hours a day. For FAQs click here.

Cover can be purchased just for term times or 365 days a year and, consequently, would then apply anywhere in the world.

In addition to providing immediate compensation payments, the policy benefit can also be viewed as delivering the means by which a home can be modified to enable wheelchair access, for example, or used as a relocation benefit to move to a more suitable residence.

Overseas Students may not have the benefit of any form of medical related protection so this type of insurance has added value in this respect.

No tax deductions apply when the benefit is paid.

To make a claim please call 01223 792293 or click here.

Full Policy Wording available on request.


Full details of the policy cover, terms and FAQ's are available below: