Personal Possessions Insurance for Students

Student holding mobile phone

We provide a comprehensive insurance policy via colleges and universities which is normally paid for within a student's weekly rental. This provides a very broad range of cover and protects your possessions against things such as fire, theft or damage and protects against liabilities for damage or injury caused - e.g. knocking someone over whilst cycling. This saves you the need to rely upon a parent's/guardian's insurance policy or having to individually purchase a more expensive, and generally less broad, insurance from elsewhere.

This insurance is particularly useful for students from overseas who might not have any insurance protection at all. Cover applies whether you are in, on or off college/university site accommodation. For FAQs please click here.

The insurance is arranged with Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance plc and managed by ourselves, including settlement of claims from our offices in Cambridge.

This 'standard' insurance policy provides insurance protection covering 95% of student requirements. Unlike most other student insurances, our policy automatically provides cover for bicycles and mobile/portable devices. For more information on Students Contents Insurance click here.

However, if you want to top this up with extra cover, please contact us directly via the NWBIB website.

Full Policy Wording available on request.

To make a claim please call us on 01223 792293 or click here.


Full details of the policy cover, terms and FAQ's are available below: